Capitalists Unite: Demand Fairness!

Who wants to bet we’ll hear no outrage from our politicians?

For a rare episode of the Gasoline Price Wars, turn to Gainesville, where station manager Kristin Daggle pulled out the equivalent of a laser-guided missile: a big, white, plastic “1” placard.

Daggle — a 25-year-old field general on a well-traveled stretch of Lee Highway — posted the number, followed by two “9” placards, on a 20-foot-tall sign in front of her 17-month-old Exxon station over the weekend. And just like that, a milestone in the competitive world of gasoline retailing was reached.

“This is the first day we’re below $2” this year, Daggle said, as customers streamed in Saturday. “Our goal is to be competitive.”

The Congress must rectify this unfair increase in Windfall Savings&#153 by customers. Are customers, as the beneficiaries of risk-taking by business owners, not entitled to a cap on their savings? Gas station owners have to pay their mortgages, too. We clearly need legislation and the politicians just sit around allowing the laws of economics to screw businesses.

Other nuggets of goodness exist in the article, particularly surprise that supply and demand conspire based on market forces rather than the whim of evil corporations, but you can read those on your own. Just remember how little you’re hearing from Washington about this “travesty” for gas station owners the next time gas prices spike upwards. They’re all hacks.