Howie Mandel is better at Deal or No Deal

President Bush wants Americans to physically beat the hell out of our enemies after we capture them. We all know that. And we all know that a silly burden like proof of guilt is only for unpatriotic wimps who love terrorists. What does it matter if an innocent man is tortured, as long as we feel safer. It’s better to torture too many people than too few. Anyone?

His stance is preposterous, but his threat to disband CIA interrogations if he doesn’t win capitulation from the United States Senate on his right to torture anyone for any reason is too much. Like a kid who doesn’t get his way, he wants to take his ball and go home. That isn’t leadership. Again he’s using fear to tell us why we need to let him do whatever he wants. Essentially, he’s told America to fuck off and he’s blaming everyone who believes torture is wrong. He’s a petulant, little man who wants every perk without any accountability. Watch this and try to disagree:

He should not be president. I’d start muttering about impeachment, but then Vice President Cheney would lose the Vice designation. Is it January 2009 yet?

Update: Congress reached a compromise deal with the White House on the torture issue, but details are unclear. As such, I’m holding little hope that the compromise incorporated any principles. President Bush will ignore what he doesn’t like, anyway, so it details probably don’t matter.

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for the video link.