This can’t be the level of debate

Am I missing something? At Commonwealth Conservative post about the brouhaha over Sen. Allen’s alleged use of racial slurs in the early 1970s, a commenter named Ben argues that no one should support Sen. Allen because he is a racist. Maybe, though the accusation is hardly iron-clad. Ben states that supporting James Webb is the better character choice. Again, maybe. But in response to that, a commenter named Cato asks Ben:

So how do you like Webb personally profiting from the gratuitous use of the N-word in his novels?

Let’s assume for a moment that Sen. Allen used racial slurs. I’ll also assume Mr. Webb’s novels include gratuitous use of that word, since I have not read them. That said, I’d like to believe that voters are smart enough to decipher between a conversation in a person’s life and made-up conversations in a book. If that distinction isn’t possible, I myself am not suited for any future political office because I have written stories in which (imaginary) people are (pretend) murdered by (fake) characters who temporarily resided in my mind. I should be locked up.