For no other reason than piling on

Now that Sen. George Allen voted for the decidedly not libertarian terror bill, can we kill the notion that he has a “libertarian streak?” This bill is so draconian and anti-liberty, if Sen. Allen had such a streak, no matter how miniscule, it would’ve stopped him from voting yes. But he voted yes. From this point forward, all writers should please replace “libertarian streak” with “pro-torture.” Of course, if Virginia’s voters have any values, Sen. Allen will be former Senator Allen in January.

In other pro-torture, election year cowardice, consider Sen. Gordon Smith:

Even some Republicans who voted for the bill said they expected the Supreme Court to strike down the legislation because of the provision barring court detainees’ challenges, an outcome that would send the legislation right back to Congress.

“We should have done it right, because we’re going to have to do it again,” said Senator Gordon H. Smith, Republican of Oregon, who voted to strike the provision and yet supported the bill.

That quote should be posted in every voting booth in America on November 7th.

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