All Election, All Day – Part VII

How I voted:


Senate: Jim Webb. I struggled over this because, despite Sen. Allen being a vile politician who deserves no public office, Mr. Webb’s economic views are wrong. But Sen. Allen is so contemptible and devoid of character that it’s impossible for me to avoid casting a vote against him.

House of Representatives: Andrew Hurst. I’m not eager about the Democrats, for every reason Michael Kinsley mentions today. Clearly Mr. Hurst’s stance on every issue is lifted from this document. Blech. But Tom Davis, of steroid investigations and Congressman Loose Cannon fame, represents me. Not if I can help it. I will vote against him whenever he is on the ballot, even if I have to hold my nose while I vote.

Local Politics

I don’t care, so I punted this and voted for myself.

Ballot Questions

Question 1: No on the bigot amendment. Obviously. I will not respect my state any longer if this passes.

Question 2: No. This one requires an explanation.

Shall Section 14 of Article IV of the Constitution of Virginia be amended by deleting the provision that prohibits the incorporation of churches, a provision that was ruled to be unconstitutional and therefore now is obsolete?

This particular question doesn’t bother me. It was ruled unconstitutional, I don’t care. However, it’ll be useful for future generations to see what we’ve done to the Constitution through history. This point doesn’t matter, but when the federal courts finally recognize that Question 1 is unconstitutional, I will vote to leave it in the Constitution, even though it will be obsolete. If Question 1 passes today, our Constitution will be sullied forever. History should forever mark the blunt tools of hatred. Thus, in principle for how I will vote in the future, I voted no.

Question 3: No on property tax exemptions for conservation, redevelopment, and rehabilitation.

Bond Issues

No across the board. See fiscal responsibility.

That’s how I voted. I waited almost 90 minutes to vote for the defeat of Sen. Allen and Question 1. Soon enough, I’ll find out if my fellow Virginians are reasonable.