Will an “Ooops” suffice?

For those who say accidents and complications never occur:

The tip of a 10-year-old boy’s penis was accidentally severed during a circumcision at a Malaysian clinic, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Doctors tried to reattach the severed portion in a five-hour operation, but it was not known if the surgery was successful, the New Sunday Times newspaper reported.

Story here. Malaysia and the United States are not the same, but this happened at a clinic, with medical supervision. Nor do I propose that this is common. But is it worth it if it’s your son who becomes the statistic? If nothing else, learn that denying reality does not change reality.

One thought on “Will an “Ooops” suffice?”

  1. Complications from circumcision may be relatively rare, but they can be very serious. Doctors have an ethical obligation to make sure parents understand this fact….and so do mainstream news writers and editors.

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