Destroying an Admirable History

Many have pointed out that the notion of civil liberties in the United Kingdom is now a sham, but this is ridiculous:

Commander Dave Johnston, giving a personal point of view, said that samples could also be taken from people renewing passports and from migrants.

The head of the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Unit also suggested taking DNA from dead people might help “cleanse” the database.

He added that blood samples were already taken from babies at four days old to test for genetic diseases but stressed it was important to have a debate over the human rights issue.

A debate? Do you think? A child’s future is unknown, which is just part of life. Are we ready to assume that children are guilty until proven innocent, and that solving hypothetical, unlikely crimes trumps any rights a child has?

DNA samples are retained from those arrested but not convicted and from victims and witnesses who give their consent.