Key Word Omission Watch – News

I predicted this a few hours ago, but I claim no credit for something so obvious. I want to highlight some of the ignorance and irresponsibility in reporting the NIH’s announcement on circumcision, which includes Adult Male Circumcision … in the title. I’m going to report the headlines from news media (including press releases and derivations), since that’s the extent of what I suspect most people willing to circumcise will read. It’s the key word, so it should be in every headline. Without further ado:

There are duplicates in there, since news media outlets tend to use canned articles from the AP, Reuters, etc. I’ve left them in because each outlet has the option to be responsible or lazy. It’s clear which path most take.

Now for the news media worth praising, if only slightly.

Yeah, I’ll let men slide, even though it’s a weak effort that will be probably not be interpreted as adult males. I need to rescue some hope from the garbage bin where infant rights rest. Unfortunately, that’s little consolation when looking at the one that gets it right by including the vital word before men:

One. That is shameful. How many boys will suffer the scalpel because of this laziness and/or bias?