The Law Is Subservient to Agendas

Can we please get to a point where we’re not battling over which side of the political spectrum has “control” over the courts?

A growing list of vacancies on the federal appeals court in Richmond is heightening concern among Republicans that one of the nation’s most conservative and influential courts could soon come under moderate or even liberal control, Republicans and legal scholars say.

Jan LaRue, chief counsel for Concerned Women for America, said she and other conservatives are disappointed with Bush and Senate Republicans for not pushing harder to fill the vacancies before losing control of the Senate.

“Now all they’ve done is managed to kick the can down the road, and we’ve lost the majority,” said LaRue, whose group advocates for conservative jurists. “That circuit in the wrong hands could certainly move toward the center-left.”

Whoever is doing the nominating and whoever is doing the confirming should be irrelevant. Babbling against “activist judges” to gain the opportunity to appoint activist judges is shameful. I’d rather have a judge who believes in individual rights. Call that a bias, but the Constitution says what it says. Enough with the partisanship.