Mob rule isn’t activist?

Not much needs to be said about this vote in the Massachusetts legislature, a follow-up to this post:

Massachusetts legislators approved a measure yesterday that next year could allow voters to overturn a historic same-sex marriage law in the only state in the nation where such unions are legal.

Before I go further, it’s important to note that 62 of 185 legislators voted for the measure, a vote that equal just above 33.5%. Okay, so on to Gov. Mitt Romney, who will be is running for president in 2008:

“This is a huge victory for the people of Massachusetts,” Romney said in a statement. “In a democracy, the voice of the people is sovereign.”

This is what partisan, wedge politics has achieved. A presidential candidate views 33.5% support as “the voice of the people.” Pathetic.

There is one other interesting quote in the story:

“It’s in the best interests of children and society for marriage to be defined as between a man and woman,” said Glen Lavy, a senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, which strongly favors banning same-sex marriage. “The battle to preserve marriage in Massachusetts as between a man and a woman is alive and well.”

Sentence one: please provide proof. Sentence two: the battle is now to return marriage in Massachusetts to the definition of a man and a woman. Accept it or not, but marriage in Massachusetts is now between two consenting adults.