Remind me how it’s simple and harmless.

Circumcision risks are rare but quite real:

An eight-day old baby sustained serious injuries to his penis during a circumcision ceremony held at a Bnei Brak event hall Sunday evening.

The baby was rushed to the emergency room at the Sheba Medical Center, where he is currently undergoing surgery to stop the bleeding.

In the interest of fairness, also from the story:

“The baby was not in a serious condition and we brought him to the children’s ward at Sheba. I assume that the mohel had cut too much of his penis during the circumcision,” [Magen David Adom paramedic Shai] Pinchas said.

I wonder if the baby boy thinks he’s not in serious condition, given that an extra piece of his penis was removed with the original “extra” skin.

2 thoughts on “Remind me how it’s simple and harmless.”

  1. “Circumcision risks are rare but quite real”
    Google the name “David Reimer” if you want to find out just how real they are.

  2. “Circumcision risks are rare but quite real
    That should say “complications are rare but quite real”.
    David Reimer is unfortunately an excellent example.

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