Irrational Behavior at the Expense of Another

One more this week on circumcision. This time, I’m amazed that people think this way.

Bo’s updated chest x-ray shows improvement but it is not clear, and his ears have not improved at all (and this is after trying two different antibiotics, b/c the first one wasn’t doing anything after 3 days.)

The pediatrician decided to give Bo a shot of Rophin (sp?), this is intended to help not only his ears, but what pneumonia remains in his lungs. He is totally against, as are we, waiting until June, (next available surgery date for Bo’s circumcision), so is doing everything possible to clear up those little lungs BEFORE Friday morning. The ear infections are in no way a hindrance for this surgery, but they are a whole other issue.

We will return in the morning to the ped. for another Rophin shot and if needed an x-ray. We will do what keeps him safe, but at the same time we want this surgery over with on Friday!!! If it clears up his ears in the mean time, that would be great too.

The boy has pneumonia, and the parents’ primary concern for healing it quickly is so that they can circumcise him tomorrow instead of waiting until June? I do not, and will not, understand that. I’m taking only the information I have here, of course, so there may be information that suggests it’s medically indicated. I doubt it. Also, based on the available evidence I have, this doctor is anxious to heal a child so that he can perform unnecessary cosmetic surgery on the child. That’s absurd. His priority is to his patient, Bo, but he wants to heal him so that the parents, who are not his patient, can be satisfied with their son’s penis.

I also have an alternate take on this parent’s conclusion:

PLEASE just pray that God’s will be done. Bo just needs to get better, and if that is first priority, so be it; we will just reschedule the surgery. But we would also like the surgery DONE. SO, may God’s will just take over and Jake and I just be at peace with whatever God’s decision is.

This is a reason why I don’t go off on people with name-calling and targeted swearing. There is some glimmer of reason there. That’s reassuring because I generally assume that parents who circumcise are well-intentioned, even when they embrace the irrational norm far too easily. I think that’s the case here. If these parents believe so strongly, I’m not sure why the possibility that God’s will is that Bo’s penis not be cut is absent from consideration. Circumcision is at least an implicit statement that the natural, normal human male form is unacceptable. If Man is created in God’s image, circumcision should be seen as a direct insult to God, proclaiming Him not perfect.

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