New Comment Process

Rolling Doughnut has always faced a cyclical problem with comment spam. It’s been getting worse this week, and Movable Type appears to suck tremendously at blocking what is obviously spam. One comment replicated to fifty entries should set off an alarm that sends them all to the Junk folder. It does not. To resolve this, I’ve added a passphrase to the comments page. Before clicking post, you’ll need to enter the answer to a question. It’s an inconvenience, I know, and I apologize for that. I like getting comments. But it’s a waste of my time and bandwidth to sift through pages of spam to find the few valuable, valid comments.

With anything like this, there might be an occasional bug. If you spot one (your comment doesn’t go through, for example), e-mail me at Tony -at- Rolling Doughnut dot com so I can fix the problem. Thanks.