This should’ve happened six months ago.

I’ll have more to say on today’s announcement that Sirius and XM intend to merge after I hear the details from tomorrow’s webcast. For now, I want to express how thrilled I am at this possibility. As a Sirius customer, I love the idea of getting Howard Stern and Major League Baseball on the same service. As an investor, I like the possibility of reduced total expenses. But mostly, it’s about Howard Stern and the Phillies.

Yes, I know this has almost no chance of passing through the FCC. Give me one night of joyous anticipation.

One thought on “This should’ve happened six months ago.”

  1. But Tony, what competition would be left if these two heavyweights merged?
    It’s not like there are any other options for pulling radio frequencies from the air and playing them on speakers.
    Thinking of the Echostar/Hughes merger from a few years ago, I would be very surprised if the FCC pulled their heads from their butts this time.

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