I know how to read Google Finance.

I’ve said enough for the week on the Sirius-XM merger, but a comment left at this opposing view in the USA Today editorial page highlights a flaw in investor thinking that is dangerous.

XM, you have higher valued stock as of this writing, get rid of the guy with the potty mouth and get on with your life. Why do you feel that you have to bale the other company out because of their poor management.

Sirius’ share price is $3.74, while XM’s share price is $15.10. Wow, XM is valued so much higher than Sirius. Except, Sirius’ market capitalization is $5.26 billion, while XM’s market capitalization is $4.05 billion. Sirius has the higher valued stock, by more than 25%. This is basic analysis.

The commenter should probably stay away from picking individual stocks and stick with mutual funds.