Only Evil Empires Choose Those Colors

This is the attitude I like to see going into the start of Spring Training games:

“I hate the Mets,” said Brett Myers, who made it clear it was more about the uniform than individual players. “I want to beat them more than anyone else. What we need to do is make sure none of their fans get in our building. We shouldn’t sell tickets to Mets fans.”

I second that notion. I have extra reasons to hate the dreadful orange and blue combination, of course. But, yeah, I hate the Mets more than anyone.

I also think it’s a splendid idea for the Phillies to not sell tickets to Mets fans. If you show up at the ballpark wearing Mets gear, no tickets for you. If you call from a New York metro area code, no tickets for you. If your credit card has a New York metro zip code, no tickets for you. Just like there are local blackout restrictions for television, teams should be able to implement targeted non-local blackout restrictions on ticket sales.

Major League Baseball would never allow it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a brilliant idea. Wonderful thinking, Brett.

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