I guess the automated e-mail service is down.

The Smoking Gun reports that the Super Bowl broadcast, namely Prince’s phallic silhouette and the Snickers commercial showing two guys kissing, generated “about 150 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission.” Wonderful. Who knows what the FCC will ultimately do, although by the absurdity of the complaints included in the Smoking Gun story must surely indicate to the FCC that it must do nothing.

The complaining viewer on the main Smoking Gun article believes decision on who televises the Super Bowl belongs to the FCC. There is also a very decent addition that Prince is “a scumbag.”

A few more choice letters fall into two basic themes. First, the FCC is should attempt to censor anything that might be objectionable. Second, they were “tricked into watching gay sex!”. Gotcha. But my favorite falls a bit out of that and into blanket paternalism.

“This violates our religious beliefs and exposes our children to obscene and disgusting material they are taught are wrong. I want something done about this!!”

Read this as slowly as possible to get my incredulous tone. If they are taught this type of behavior is wrong, how will they be corrupted by seeing it. Seeing it only confirms that it exists. It is not a judgment for or against. Presumably, parental teaching will apply the subjective interpretation. Are the parents so afraid of their own ineffectiveness that they expect the government to dictate to America what they teach their children? And if it’s so ineffective coming from them, why are they teaching their children anything? And why would it suddenly be more effective coming from the government?

My advice: stop watching the halftime show.