The article doesn’t mention constitutional principle.

I don’t know what to say about this assessment of Rudy Giuliani as a good presidential candidate for social conservatives.

The animating idea of the “gay rights” movement is every bit as ridiculous as the case for the right to “choose.” The left would have us believe that society has no grounds for its ancient disapproval of homosexuality. If society approves of heterosexual relationships that typically serve to create and sustain families it must also approve of homosexual relationships that typically do not serve that purpose. Those of us who approve of one and not the other are bigots in need of punishment and reeducation.

Nobody ever makes this argument. When clearly stated it is self-refuting nonsense.

Nevertheless, the left cheerfully assumes that all disapproval of homosexuality is bigotry. It goes on its merry way agitating for changes in law and society which would suppress every expression of this society’s distaste for homosexuality and eliminate every distinction between traditional marriage and other sexual relationships.

A proper fisking would take too long. Besides, the absurdity of this conspiracy theory claim should be apparent. My short attempt: government should treat every individual the same. Nothing more, nothing less.

Read the whole thing if you need a good laugh at paranoid someone can be.

Via Andrew Sullivan

2 thoughts on “The article doesn’t mention constitutional principle.”

  1. “Those of us who approve of one and not the other are bigots in need of punishment and reeducation.”
    No, they just need three simple things: (1) get a life, (2) MYOB, (3) STFU.

  2. That was my general feeling, as well. Along with his authoritarian side, if Giuliani misunderstands the role of government like every other politician, this call to arms is uninspiring.

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