We can’t stop access to weapons, if we understand the term “weapon”.

This appears to be an unfortunate vindication of what I argued in this recent post:

A vehicle hurtled through a crowded street festival in the District last night, knocking people down, throwing some in the air and pinning others beneath its wheels, according to accounts from police and witnesses. Authorities said 35 people were taken to hospitals, seven with severe injuries.

The chaotic scene occurred about 8 p.m. at Unifest, an annual street festival sponsored by a prominent Anacostia church. Witness accounts indicated that a gray station wagon, with a woman driving, plowed through swarms of festival-goers on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and W Street SE, among other thoroughfares.

The driver of the station wagon “was purposeful,” said a man who saw some of the incident from his porch. “She was going purposefully. She was not going to stop.”

If this was intentional, can I expect to soon hear a call for a ban on cars?

No? Why not?