Voters as Spoiled Children

Courtesy of an e-mail Andrew Sullivan received from a reader, here’s an ill-informed defense of majoritarianism, referencing Mitt Romney.

What’s wrong with politicians doing whatever it is we want, regardless of their own personal views? Isn’t that what we elect them for, to do the will of the people? It’s better than politicians who stick to their own asinine views as a matter of principle, the will of the people be damned.

No, that’s not what we elect them to do. We elect them to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as expressed in the oath of office found in Article II, Section I.

The will of the people plays a part, as it’s our government, but the president’s role does not involve indulging our whims. He who will pander instead of upholding the Constitution should not be president. Few can live up to this simple standard, requiring us to do the best we can with who we have. But that’s why we have constitutional checks on the executive (and other elected, political offices).