Oh, hai.

I’ve been away from blogging for nearly two weeks for various reasons. Some I mentioned, but primarily I’ve lacked motivation. I’m not burned out from blogging or in any way preparing to quit. I still like the outlet and the chance to focus my thoughts and ideas. But not having a job right now has given me a little time to fully detach and figure out a bit about my future creative direction(s). For now, they’re private, but this is a good development.

That’s the result. However, I can verify how it seems like it’s possible to get many tasks done and achieve more when insanely busy than when working without constraints or commitments. That’s just the motivation part. As I mentioned, I am still without income. I’ve just embraced that. And, no, you don’t have to worry. I’m not in danger of starving any time soon. The bank will not foreclose on my house, although a large part of me wishes they would. (Indeed!)

I’ve let laziness creep in a bit. That’s not entirely awful. But it isn’t permanent, either. I’m fairly certain the job search is coming to a successful close, and mentally I’m getting the itch to blog. Of course the latter happens as I’m heading to New York for the weekend. I’ll return with the haphazard pattern that constitutes full-force here at Rolling Doughnut on Monday(-ish). Thanks for being patient.