Modesty does not explain this.

Forget the circumcision angle of this link because it’s not (directly) relevant to my point here. The commenter, Jake, is very pro-infant circumcision, and has co-authored at least one scientific (should that be in quotes?) paper challenging an argument against infant circumcision. I have no proof that Jake is JH Waskett, although I am familiar enough with Mr. Waskett’s blog commenting style to know that the linked comment fits my experience with his work. I’m certain Jake and JH Waskett are the same person.

My question is this: if Jake is JH Waskett and footnotes that article in his blog comment, does he have an ethical obligation to disclose that he is the co-author of a footnoted article in his comment? He included the footnote and did not disclose the connection. Thoughts?

One thought on “Modesty does not explain this.”

  1. The answer is yes, but don’t expect any mea culpa. Circumcision advocates have never let ethical obligations get in their way.

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