I remember why I don’t drink or do drugs.

I have a few items to write about, but I just had some vegan jello. It’s good, except it has beet powder in it.

Beets + Tony = BADBADBAD

I’m very manic right now and probably going to pop. I feel like there are 10,000 pinballs on the inside edge of my skin trying to break free from their bonds. My head wants to be twice its normal size. And Danielle says my face is red. I can imagine.

Blogging will resume when I come down from this high, probably tomorrow. It’s a small wonder I was able to spell everything correctly, though you have no idea how many times I’ve used the backspace key in writing this short entry.

Are you allergic to or do you respond to anything this way?

3 thoughts on “I remember why I don’t drink or do drugs.”

  1. And now I get to be stuck in the confined space of the car with you. In rush hour traffic. Down with beet powder! Up with red dye!

  2. Though I’ve been desensitized to peanuts, I am allergic to walnuts and other nuts. They give me a mild anaphylactic reaction. Though it never seems mild at the time. Horrible feeling to have your throat swell almost shut.
    Chugging a quart of milk, or vomiting, usually does the trick.

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