Equality means equal? As in the same?

Finally, a government official who is intellectually able to understand a most basic idea of equality:

Tasmania’s Children’s Commissioner, Paul Mason, wants the State Government to ban the non-medical circumcision of young boys.

Female genital mutilation is illegal in Tasmania.

Mr Mason said it’s unfair that boys aren’t given the same protection.

“We’re discriminating against the little baby boys themselves, because they’re not safe whereas the little girls are,” he said.

He said circumcision is an abuse of human rights and should be outlawed until the person is old enough to decide for themselves.

“It’s a permanent procedure, they get no choice.”

I don’t have anything to add that I haven’t already said. Bravo to Mr. Mason.

A spokesman says the Government is not currently considering laws in relation to the issue.

I’d be angrier than I am angry if I was shocked.