Stupid HIV Defense Quotes – A Contest

I have two competing quotes, but I can’t decide which is dumber. First, from the article I referenced in yesterday’s entry:

“It’s now the most proven, effective HIV prevention strategy we have for male heterosexuals, so it’s really important that we make this widely available,” said Robert C. Bailey, an epidemiologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago who oversaw the Kenyan trial in nearby Kisumu.

You might remember Mr. Bailey, as he’s made two appearances at Rolling Doughnut with the same basic quote. (I guess this makes him our returning champion.) His statement is egregious, since abstinence, monogamy, and condoms are undeniably more effective.

Next, from Archbishop Manase Buthelezi of the Lutheran Church in South Africa:

Virginity inspection helps protect our children from HIV-Aids.

I’m not really sure how, as it’s a ex post facto check, unless he’s relying on the shame of “failing” the inspection to discourage sex.

I’m voting for Bailey, because he’s more certain, so unthinking individuals will be less likely to dispute him. As evidence, read the article. You won’t find any dispute from the reporter to such a ridiculous claim. What do you think?


To strengthen his position, Archbishop Buthelezi offered this:

“We have never heard of any maiden who died because of virginity inspection. But we have many young boys killed in mountains during circumcision. And there is no big noise about that.

“If there are people who want to stop virginity inspection they must do the same with circumcision. Virginity testing is about abstinence from sex, which we preach in church,” he said.

As you can predict, he doesn’t make this comparison to discuss how reprehensible both are, but how beneficial virginity inspection is. He glosses over circumcision deaths to defend church doctrine. And then he states that virginity inspection “brings back humanity and respect to our children.”

Maybe that should’ve been his entry.

2 thoughts on “Stupid HIV Defense Quotes – A Contest”

  1. On the one had you have an American foreskin demonizer, on the other you have a perverted priest.
    I vote for Bailey, because he should have heard about condoms somewhere in medical school.
    Having people like Bailey in medical authority positions in USA makes me scared to take my intact son to unknown doctors.

  2. Thanks for commenting.
    Definitely condoms. I think he gets it because he’s lying. The Archbishop is just stupid.
    And I know exactly what you mean about taking your intact son to doctors. I don’t have kids, but I’m learning right now through second-hand experience just how determined and irrational the medical community is.

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