Reason is quite informative.

The Blowfish Blog makes several excellent points while discussing circumcision. (Link/site probably NSFW by most office standards.) While I reject any notion that something other than immediate medical need justifies child circumcision (whether religious, cultural, or potential benefits), I particularly like that the author, Rebekah Skoor, has the sense to write this:

I’ve always been a fan of waiting until my kids were old enough to make their own bodily decisions before asking if they wanted to get circumcised. I ran this idea by the boys and they looked aghast, as if I had just taken away their new Prada shoes and replaced them with Tevas. “Oh HELL no!” they shrieked. Apparently no one in their right mind would volunteer for a circumcision when they were old enough to remember it.

Isn’t that telling parents something, though? If you won’t submit your penis to Mr. Knife when you are old enough to remember it, wouldn’t it reason that these babies are lying in their cribs thinking, “Just what the hell do you think you are gonna do with THAT?”

Of course babies don’t want unnecessary circumcision. And all evidence demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of men left intact never choose (or need) circumcision. Logic and data suggest only one course of non-action.

Contrast that with the interviewer who couldn’t reason through a question about a choice unbiased by having been surgically altered at birth with unnecessary circumcision.

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  1. While I reject any notion that something other than immediate medical need justifies routine [sic] infant circumcision…
    This sentence is oxymoronic.
    Medical need can’t possibly justify “routine” infant circumcision since “routine” infant circumcision is, by definition, medically unneeded.

  2. I’m glad this conversation is extending out of the Blowfish audience and out into the world. Thanks for passing along this question to more of the masses.

  3. I’m just happy that you asked your friends. I’ve heard too many women claim that that they don’t know any men would cares either way or would remotely prefer to not be circumcised. It’s much more common than people assume.

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