Simple Blogging Rules

I know I violate a cardinal rule – Thou Shalt Write Short Entries – of “How to Blog Effectively”. I try. I’m working on it, although I might be incapable. I hope to one day overcome being wordy and verbose, but I have a lot to say.

Inspired by today’s Sunday Cute YouTuber at A Stitch in Haste, which highlights this video.

6 thoughts on “Simple Blogging Rules”

  1. Where the heck is that blog entry about the national sales tax?
    You said you were going to research the issue and then write about it, but in the two months since, you’ve made no further mention of it.
    Are you still researching it or did you just plain forget about it?

  2. Googling the phrase “national sales tax” brings up oodles of good sites.
    Googling “case for a national sales tax” also brings up a lot of good sites.

  3. I’m just wondering if there’s anything in particular that you recommend, info that’s presented in a favorable and/or accurate manner. If not, no problem. I’ll dig something up.

  4. I wish there was a really good site or page I could point you to, but none of the ones I’ve seen stand out.
    Unfortunately, most NST advocates are guilty of dwelling on the purely economic aspects of this issue while giving short shrift to the more important individual rights aspect and, not surprisingly, the case they make is rather weak.
    Perhaps I should post a link to one of the many sites out there that specialize in culling IRS horror stories and let that suffice as the ultimate and most cogent argument for replacing the personal income tax with an indirect sales tax.

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