War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

In response to a brief update by Andrew Sullivan on the Oregon circumcision case (correctly titled “Genital Mutilation Update”), a website called discarded lies tracks back to Mr. Sullivan’s entry with only a link. Obviously that earns a “So what?” but reader “V the K” offers something interesting in the comments, allegedly in defense of parents:

It’s because we’ve created a whole society of busy-bodies. We’ve empowered every Mrs. Kravitz in the world to impose her views on everybody else instead of respecting individual choices.

Allowing an individual child to choose for himself is not “respecting individual choices”? Allowing parents to impose their views onto the body of their child sons is an “individual choice”? Like too many, “V the K” has a very poor understanding of individual and choice.

Just for fun, Gladys Kravitz is an interesting pop culture reference. On Bewitched, she actually saw the strange behavior she claimed. Nobody believed her, but she was always correct. That sounds like a perfect example of what occurs with individuals like me pointing out the violation of routine/ritual infant circumcision. Unintended by “V the K”, I’m sure, but still accurate.