We should value critical thinking skills more.

How do people get so stupid that this passes muster as an excuse to circumcise a child?

Ultimately, a friend who works in elder care made the difference, by describing some of the horrible foreskin infections she has had to treat in older patients.

When my grandfather was in his last days, several veins in his legs collapsed from the damage of smoking for too many years. His doctors had to address this and there were no pleasant options. Still, I would never think to use that as an excuse to perform intrusive procedures on the legs of a child. The logic is equally flawed.

The only lesson to be learned from “horrible foreskin infections” in men in elder care is that those facilities are horrible at caring for their patients. Removing a child’s healthy foreskin because it might become a problem if he ends up in incompetent elder care many decades later is irrational.