Two News Items


The number of such assaults so far appears small. The hospital here in Limuru, 30 miles west of Nairobi, confirmed that two cases of forced circumcision were admitted after Sunday’s violence that saw members of the larger Kikuyu tribe evict hundreds of Luos from their homes. One case involved an adult, the other a 4-month-old.

The attack on the 4-month-old baby in Limuru occurred as his 14-year-old cousin was carrying him on her back through the forest, according to a hospital spokeswoman. The teen was raped and the child circumcised. His wound later became infected.

One attack involved sexual violence, and the other involved sexual violence.


WILLY Mafabi, a paraffin vendor in Malaba town, ran out of luck on January 3, when his tribesmen forcefully circumcised him.

According to his kinsmen, Mafabi, who hails from Bubulo county in Manafwa district, had been fleeing to Malaba whenever the circumcision season approached.

On the fateful day, his tribesmen rounded him up at Malaba Taxi Park, tied him and quickly sprinkled cassava flour allover his body. They forced him to carry two heavy stones as they marched him on the streets of Malaba, singing traditional Kigisu circumcision songs.

He was later circumcised at Akolodongo ward in the outskirts of Malaba town.

Does cultural expectation excuse the forced violation of the individual’s inherent rights? Should his age or blood relationship to his circumcisers affect the answer?