People are confusing.

One of the more entertaining, albeit shallow, rewards from blogging is browsing the keywords people use to find Rolling Doughnut. Let’s consider a few from the last week:

the doughnut man who teaches about Jesus (link)

I do not know the doughnut man. What does he teach about Jesus? Now I want to know.

why capitalism must fail (link)

Because you hate liberty? Love poverty? Both?

jury duty system broken (link)

It is, for many reasons.

h play hose disney. com music feature:audio (link)

I can only guess that a robot wrote this. And that robot was high on crack.

Is cool whip vegan (link)


make decisions without thinking them through (link)

You’re looking in the wrong place. Try the experts here, here, and here.

Alas, I either haven’t talked enough about Nick Lachey recently, or people have stopped caring about his penis. Still, I hope you enjoyed these.

Post Script: It can’t be “all bitterness, all the time” around here.