Watch them lead the dog’s tail.

I have two issues with this beyond the obvious fact that it involves an economic stimulus package that will only stimulate inflation, debt, and tax increases:

Senate Democratic leaders yesterday put off an expected showdown over an economic stimulus plan until next week, worrying that the absence of Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.) could doom efforts to force changes to the package fashioned by House leaders and President Bush.

“I still have two Democratic senators” on the campaign trail, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said. “Next Tuesday is Super Tuesday, and they’re both very busy, as is Senator [John] McCain. So I probably can’t get them back here until Monday, but I need them back.”

Point the first: They’re sitting United States Senators, being paid by the citizens of the United States for a job they are clearly ignoring. They are not being paid to campaign for their next job. If the economic stimulus package is so important and two Senators running for president can’t be bothered to put their paid job before their ambitions, they’re not people any sane person should want in a position of power.

(We may be getting a bonus that they’re derelict in their duty because the economic stimulus package is irrelevant to economic growth and a waste of future taxpayer money. That’s the rare positive unintended consequence from government and politicians. The cynic in me realizes the delay means more time to lard the final bill.)

Point the second: Senators Obama and Clinton have had years in office to be involved with important changes. They could’ve stepped up and sponsored a bill to end the noxious discrimination of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. But Obama hasn’t. Clinton hasn’t. Why should I trust either to lead now?

While Obama’s answer is typical politician lying through omission, Clinton’s answer in the linked video is particularly repugnant. Does she honestly believe that the ability of a repeal to pass the approval of a Republican Congress and President matters to the validity of the underlying principle? The proper response to bigotry and ignorance is to expose them, not cower in their presence. Force the issue as many times as it takes. Pandering only demonstrates an unwillingness to lead in potentially uncomfortable situations.

Dereliction and pandering. It’s shameful that a major party can’t nominate anyone better than Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

2 thoughts on “Watch them lead the dog’s tail.”

  1. When I first saw this story yesterday, I did a quick check to see if Moutlitsas was calling for action against HRC & BO, since he seems to think that “calling your senator” is more important than say, blogging about your senator.
    I found nothing on his site. Go figure.

  2. As I wrote yesterday, when I contacted my Rep. with a letter, he ignored my opinion and thanked for me sharing his opposite opinion. Why should I trust that?

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