We are not a civilized society.

From Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Ritchie Moss:

QUESTION: A friend asked the other day why we have a bris (circumcision). I rambled on about health, tradition, 8 days, pain and a whole lot of other nonsense before leaving this one to you.

ANSWER: The bris is a physical symbol of the relationship between G-d and the Jewish people. It is a constant reminder of what the Jewish mission entails.

I do not care if an adult uses these reasons or no reason to have himself circumcised. I think faith is as valid as any other subjective reason for choosing elective surgery, if that’s what the individual values.

Everything that follows in the Rabbi’s answer is applied to infants. For that reason alone, all of it is objectionable because they can’t express how they’d like to practice their religion (permanently) on their physical bodies. This particular bit is also immoral [italics mine]:

Why on earth would G-d choose circumcision to represent something sacred?

Jewish spirituality is about making the physical world holy. The way we eat, sleep, work and procreate should be imbued with the same holiness as the way we pray our homes should be as sanctified as our synagogues.

We find G-d on earth just as much (and perhaps more) than in the heavens. So we put a sign on the most physical and potentially lowly organ, to say that it can and should be used in a holy way.

In fact, it is in sexuality that we can touch the deepest part of our soul, when we approach it with holiness.

Rabbi Ritchie Moss is possibly expressing his own interpretation. I have no idea how widely this is held. It doesn’t matter. When people say that male genital cutting does not occur to affect male sexuality, they are either ignornant or lying.

“Potentially lowly organ”. Remember that he is referring to the penis of a male child who is eight days old. (Female sexuality can’t be “lowly” and unholy?) The mere presence of his natural penis suggests not only his lack of future sexual purity, but also the punishment for his conviction. That is fucked up. No civilized society would allow that.

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  1. I don’t know about most people, but mine is generally lowly, but potentially uppity. Of course, when I was 18, it was the other way around.

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