“They will always disappoint” isn’t exclusively cynicism.

I share Andrew Sullivan’s disdain for Hillary Clinton. Many, many people around the blogosphere are tired of his constant drum-beating on this point. I don’t care how often he raises the topic. His site, his rules. I already agree with him, so I just skim those posts. And while I don’t get his appreciation for Sen. Obama because – as he states – he disagrees with much of Obama’s policy recommendations, I understand his reasoning. But his appreciation for John McCain is simply irrational and not based in facts. He needs a jolt like the newsletters gave him about Ron Paul’s candidacy. Perhaps this is it:

I’m heartbroken. Torture is illegal and immoral whether it is conducted by the military or the CIA. That was McCain’s original position. It appears it is no longer.

So McCain reveals himself as a positioner even on the subject on which he has gained a reputation for unimpeachable integrity. …

Read the rest, if you feel compelled. But I’ll point you to what John Cole said. It’s the eyes-open view of politics that realizes that all politicians are merely politicians, no matter what line they sell.

One thought on ““They will always disappoint” isn’t exclusively cynicism.”

  1. This is very sad to me, too, and I think McCain just lost my vote. I am a centrist Democrat. Like many, I disagree with some of McCain’s positions, but I have always admired his integrity as well as his pragmatism. Funny, as a man who values honor so much, I think he has done something dishonorable to the fellow POWs he was tortured with.

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