Competition is better than government fiat.

Lance Ulanoff, writing in PC Magazine, explains why he was wrong on who would win the Blu-ray/HD-DVD battle.

I finally figured out why I was so dead wrong about the HD DVD versus Blu-ray format war. I should have analyzed the sides—Sony and Toshiba—not as two countries going to war, but as opponents in a close-quarters boxing match. Had I done so, I would have properly assessed each of the technology’s assets and deficits.

Mr. Ulanoff was wrong in prognosticating consumer technology for a magazine. No harm, no foul. We all make judgments, whether we commit them to print or not, that turn out wrong. We’re all human.

Remember that every time a central planner comes along and tells us confidently why we should choose X (with money taken from taxpayers) and outlaw Y.