Writing Pet Peeves

I don’t have time to write any substantive issues this weekend. Instead I’ll just point to this brief explanation to a writing faux pas I’m encountering often enough lately to annoy me.

Although “try and” is common in colloquial speech and will usually pass unremarked there, in writing try to remember to use “try to” instead of “try and.”

Now, about those people who could care less

5 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves”

  1. One that drives me nuts is “people that” — as in “I can’t stand people who use ‘people that…'”
    The reciprocal — “companies who” — is even worse. “Companies who employ people that can’t use correct grammar…”

  2. Mike,
    My girlfriend says that your comment is a 100%, no question joke. I’m less convinced, so I won’t take her advice and delete my comment.
    However, I will clarify that my comment was meant to be ambiguously tongue-in-cheek. I considered that your comment was a joke, but concluded differently. Not completely, though. Essentially, consider my comment accompanied by a smile rather than a sneer because I did enjoy it.

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