Equality means equal suffering?

One more for today (and one more for tomorrow, then there will likely be a lull in the circumcision posts). In a comment to this anti-circumcision essay, commenter “MizMoxie” wrote this:

… I would have sex with anyone with one not “cut”. [sic somewhere in there, as you’ll see] Too much waste and bacteria and gunk. Yuck. Besides, women have to go through a bunch just because we are women. I personally think that a male child should have to suffer a little. I’ve never heard a grown man say he remembers the pain of his circumcision! …

I hope that’s meant as a lame effort at humor. I’ve encountered that argument in the past, so I don’t think it is. I assume it’s real, if only for my purpose here. When dismissing principle in favor of subjective defenses like tradition and fear, this will occur. The law currently permits this justification as much as any other, even though the intent is clearly harm (among multiple poor excuses) to the child.

Is permitting harm to male children to balance the harm females suffer a legitimate trade-off to protect the perceived rights of parents to decide what is anatomically in the best interest of their children sons? If not, what is the consistent, objective rule of law to prevent this harm that doesn’t also prevent “good” reasons (that still lack medical need)?

One thought on “Equality means equal suffering?”

  1. I personally think that a male child should have to suffer a little.
    Blatant misandry from a woman who favors male genital cutting.
    Gee, what a surprise.

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