Spite: Another Argument Against Majoritarianism

We’re all hearing how Sen. Clinton’s supporters may protest and either refuse to vote for Sen. Obama or go the extra step and vote for Sen. McCain in November. I don’t think that’s too realistic on a large scale because I think most people realize how ridiculous that logic is. The latter, especially. I didn’t doubt that it will occur on some scale before yesterday, but I overhead confirmation.

While in Whole Foods yesterday, a man talked on his phone (loudly) to a friend about Clinton. He was clearly a Clinton supporter, but had enough sense to understand that Obama basically matched his policy hopes. His friend, not so much. He eventually asked his friend if he was seriously going to vote for McCain because Clinton didn’t win the nomination. (I got the impression his friend holds the “stolen nomination” view.) The friend clearly indicated yes. Are people really this stupid and spiteful?

To his credit the man in Whole Foods responded to his friend’s answer with “three words: John Paul Stevens”. Indeed.

One thought on “Spite: Another Argument Against Majoritarianism”

  1. Here’s a sad commentary on the subconscious operation of my brain: I read the last sentence of this post and thought, “What does John Peter Lewis have to do with any of this?”
    Supreme Court, American Idol. It’s all the same. (But you sing it’s all the say. Don’t sing the muhs, they sing the muhs.)

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