Does that come with a side of epinephrine?

I overheard a conversation yesterday in which this was offered:

  1. Humans need protein.
  2. Meat has protein.
  3. Humans need meat.

Who am I to argue with that irrefutable logic? Still, I’ll offer my own example:

  1. Humans need protein.
  2. Peanuts have protein.
  3. Humans need peanuts.

Even those individuals who are allergic to peanuts, they’re humans. They’d better start eating peanuts or they’re going to die!

If you like meat, defend it (or don’t) with facts. But be honest about it. If you like the taste and think that is more important than the negatives (death of the animal, adverse health effects), say so. I can respectfully disagree. With logic like the above, I just disagree.

2 thoughts on “Does that come with a side of epinephrine?”

  1. You missed the real reductio:
    1. Humans need protein.
    2. Humans are protein.
    3. Humans need humans.
    No, no… Don’t thank me. Just pass the barbecue sauce.

  2. I thought of that when I heard the comment. When I mentally composed my entry later, I forgot it.
    So, should I be thankful that there isn’t a whole lot of protein on my bones?

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