Meta-Blogging: My New Gig

I have a new gig:

As some may have already noticed, I am proud to announce a major change here at Publius Endures. Effective today, I am happy to say that I am no longer the sole author of this blog. Instead, I am now joined by the anonymously named, but always thoughtful, East Coast Libertarian of the site of the same name (his excellent first contribution to this site is here). But that’s not all! Also joining us at Publius Endures will be Nick Bradley of Confessions of a Right Wing Libertarian (and, notably, occasional contributor at and the equally outstanding Tony from RollingDoughnut.

Around the time I posted about going back to work after my long vacation, Mark approached me about a group blog. Through the various idea sessions (i.e. e-mails of “so, what do you think we should name the new site?”) we settled on sharing his blog. I think it’s a great idea, obviously, since I accepted his offer. I’m putting the finals edits into a detailed post, which I expect to finish tomorrow. Once that’s done I’ll have time to begin posting at Publius Endures in the next day or so.

So, what does that mean for Rolling Doughnut? The short answer is very little will change. I’ll still be posting here. Rolling Doughnut is a labor of love; it’s not going anywhere. I’ll cross-post, generally, so my content will still be here. And I will continue to blog about all of my interests. Basically, everything but the libertarian-ish stuff will go here exclusively (and regularly).

The slightly longer answer is that I want to expand my repertoire. I love writing, and I love libertarian ideas. I’ve focused too much on ranting about whatever is the topic of the day. That’s fun, and I’ll continue. However, that doesn’t satisfy my philosophical interest in libertarianism. Commenting on news is good, but I’m looking to make it the beginning rather than the point. This opportunity is a good location and motivation for growing.

Finally, Mark’s already put in the work to establish the site and build a reputation. Whatever good comes from this, he deserves credit for being the catalyst. I hope you’ll continue reading here, but I hope you’ll also join me at Publius Endures, too. It should be fun.