They speculate that you’ll buy.

Those evil capitalists, looking to screw customers at every opportunity!

Car buyers trying to cut gas costs face a tough choice regarding hybrids: Buy now, or wait for a more capable and potentially cheaper next-generation car?

But automakers also are pushing hard to build more capability at less cost into their next generation of hybrids.

CEO Takeo Fukui said last month in Japan that Honda wants to cut 33%, or about $900, out of the extra cost of a Civic hybrid over the conventional model, so “customers can choose hybrid purely for economical merits.”

Carmakers have a product in hot demand, given the current price of gasoline. How do they respond to increased demand? By trying to reduce the price. The bastards! At least we can enjoy the feeling of intellectual superiority in knowing that capitalism is evil because we all know a car today is hardly any better than twenty-five years ago. Ha! Gotcha, Honda.