Saturday Linkfest: Economics Questions

During a hurricane, is it better to have no gas at a low price or some gas at a high price?

For police motorcycles, is it better to ride American motorcycles or ride quality at the best price? Maybe those are the same subset of the market, but Senator Obama is hardly making that a requirement.

When setting CEO pay, is it better for an organization to consider the general health of the organization or the general health of society? Does the former not lead to the latter?

How did presidential candidate Obama determine that we need to double funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership? (Link provides no answer, making this question non-rhetorical.)

If presidential candidate McCain wins, how will he dictate to “… oil producing countries and oil speculators that our dependence on foreign oil will come to an end – and the impact will be lower prices at the pump”? Doesn’t the law of supply and demand suggest that, if we have less oil available for purchase, the price will increase rather than decrease? Will we have a new national anti-price gouging law to “repeal” the law of supply and demand?

Today’s lesson: America is the land of economic opportunity, where we can legislate low-paid CEOs buying American motorcycles improved through government picking supply-chain winners and refueled with air-masquerading-as-cheap-gas. And we’ll solve global warming, too, since the motorcycle won’t have any gas to burn!