I’ve been thinking.

Hi, I run an active blog here. You may not know it because the top of the main page changes so rarely these days. There are now only 5 posts, including this one, on the 21-day-history main page. But I’m still here, still pondering the world and figuring out what to say about it. Normally that’s easy: read news, sit in front of computer, type, publish. Easy.

Yeah, I wish. Really, it takes motivation and creativity. I’ve had little of the former lately and the latter takes effort. I’m to blame.

More interesting – hopefully – is the reason behind the lull. I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that diverted attention left this page stale. The Phillies are still in the playoffs and winning. That takes some. I’ve also rediscovered my Xbox 360, only to get the Red Ring of Death. And so on.

That was my explanation until Friday night. Driving home, I listened to music rather than talk radio or podcasts. Time to not think actively freed me to figure out my the explanation. Apathy. I’ve been at this long enough to realize how consistent the themes are. Too few care much about liberty, choosing instead to structure the world according to their own lives.

Ranting here about the bailout bill, for example, would accomplish so little. The narrative is set. Morons like Harold Meyerson rule the day. It won’t last forever, but while it does, the anti-intellectuals won’t be stopped. I did not favor the bailout, nor do I favor the corporate welfare so many misinterpret as free market capitalism. The story will remain free of facts as long as there is an outcome-determined agenda. The socialist is no different than the corporatist.

I won’t change the world. So what? I don’t write to change the world. I write because I like it. It helps me process the world. It helps me learn. It helps me teach. And I’d rather focus on individuals. If I convince one person to refrain from circumcising a child, it’s worth it. If I provide an insight that helps someone convince someone else, it’s worth it. I won’t change the world. So what.

In other words, I’m back. The pace probably won’t pick up immediately. The Phillies are still in the playoffs, remember. But I’ve decided to stop being angry that people continue to harm others, be it with the state or the scalpel. I’ll write instead. And I’ll get angry again. I’ll just direct it rather than allow it to fester.

Pathetic? Meh.

3 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking.”

  1. Although I don’t get this from your post whether you know it or not you almost certainly make a difference. It may not feel you’re changing the world perhaps one at a time. I know I’ve used some of your in site elsewhere but think of those who just lurk, for example. I often think they are the real audience that should be written to.
    In any case, I am looking forward to more insightful posts. 🙂 BTW, the Misha case was rejected today.
    Do you think the Phillies will beat the Dodgers? I know they’ve split their games so far.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate it.
    I think the Phillies can beat the Dodgers. The Dodger offense is conecting a bit better than ours right now, but that can change. At least as importantly, our pitching staff is throwing a lot of zeroes. The timing is perfect. It’s going to be close, 6 or 7 games, I think, with the Phillies prevailing. The analysts are being a little too confident in assuming the Dodgers will win.
    Are you a Phillies fan?

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