Finland should legalize honor killings, too, since the individual doesn’t matter.

I don’t know the intricacies of Finnish law. I don’t need to know them to know that this is obscene.

A circumcision performed on a Muslim boy in Finland was not a penal offence, Finland’s Supreme Court (KKO) decided Friday in a precedent setting case.

However, according to the Supreme Court a circumcision done for religious reasons helped the son in the development of his identity. The operation also helped him to become attached to his religious and social community.

How does the court know it helped him in his identity? What they mean is that they assume it will help him develop his identity as a Muslim because Muslim’s circumcise. That is an appeal to subjugating the individual to the group. It is anti-liberty. At some point, preferably sooner, tradition must be analyzed for what it is, not how long it has been around, or which non-legally-binding books demand it.

It gets much, much worse:

The court decided that the child’s parent was allowed to decide on the operation as it was not against the interests of the child. The boy’s bodily integrity was violated only a little and as the operation was conducted under local anaesthetic, it did not cause the child unnecessary suffering.

Why not say it’s okay to rape women, as long as the rapist wears a condom? I mean, it’s not like he’ll get her pregnant or give her a disease. It only violates her bodily integrity a little. Some counseling, a bit of time, and voila, the problem disappears.

Just like circumcision only removes a few thousand nerve endings and some tissue. So what if he’s healthy and surgery imposes objective risks. He¹ will be thankful, as long as his parents’ subjective opinion demands it. It’s minor, really. It’s not for the individual to complain. It’s merely his body, and what is that, really?

The only valid precedent set by the Finnish Supreme Court is that its judges are insane anti-liberty cretins. Demonstrated by Finland’s existing prohibition on female genital mutilation, they’re also disgusting hypocrites.

¹ Or she? Her opinion is also irrelevant, subject to whatever whim her parents hold, right?

3 thoughts on “Finland should legalize honor killings, too, since the individual doesn’t matter.”

  1. What a crock. This is the most ridiculous and hypocritical decision I’ve ever seen. How can one be violated only a little. One is either violated or not the degree is only considered as a matter of punishment.
    If from their own information:

    I Ritual circumcision:
    The clitoris is wounded by pricking it with a needle or by pinching it so as to make a few drops of blood run. In Somalia even this way is called “sunna”.

    A violation which is easily less than male circumcision and

    II Sunna:
    The covering of the clitoris is removed, not the clitoris itself.

    A violation which is arguably equal to male circumcision then how can they ban these and not male circumcision? Would they feel better if it was done under a local? It’s just unbelievable.

  2. The human body is most beautiful in its natural form.

    In all societies parents desire to protect their children. Children must, indeed, be protected but there are other means than circumcision, which only harms the child.


  3. Just so you know, Hugh at circumstitions posted a subsequent article which discussed the results of a survey of Docs in Finland. 1/3 of whom believe cultural circumcision should be prohibited and illegal. It’s a shame that they don’t push harder.

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