Two Random Political Observations

Joe Lierberman is still in good standing. Which is nothing more than “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” All of the babbling about how this proves that President-elect Obama is somehow a new, enlightened politician statesman above petty politics and revenge is nonsense. It’s a tactical move. Who honestly believes that Lieberman would maintain his position in the Senate if the Democrats had 60 other Senators? Please.

Also, Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State is a miserable idea. She’s not suited for the job because she’s a politician without a hint of diplomat. She’s wrong on all the major foreign policy points because she’s a wet-thumb-in-the-air-which-way-is-the-wind-blowing adherent to polls rather than considered thought. If it helps her, it’s good. If not, it’s bad.

And the talk that this sets her up for another run at the presidency in 2016 (or 2012 if Obama falters/she stabs him in the back) is complete nonsense. Ignore that she proved herself an inept campaigner. In 2016, she’ll be 70. Follow some cliche about 70 being the new whatever. I agree, but it doesn’t matter. It will be a long time, if ever again, before we see another president that old. Think the Republicans will start grooming any 62-year-olds, on the billion-to-one chance they quickly figure out that effective government is not about Jesus? Nope. The future is politicians like Rep. Jeff Flake. Young, photogenic, and at least moderately informed. This is surprising?

So, if Hillary Clinton ends up Secretary of State: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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