President Obama bumped his head. Everyone panic!

“Everyone panic” is my own interpretation of the CNN headline.

We can’t possibly be so obsessed with having a Dear Leader that a photographer filmed Obama walk across a field for 45 seconds. Yet, there’s the video. And when he “bumps” his head, it’s suddenly breaking “news”.

This isn’t the first time a president’s head has collided with Marine One: President George W. Bush hit his head on the side of the helicopter while boarding shortly after taking office — also in full view of a row of cameras.

I assume the editor knows this is not news and is just playing the (pathetically obvious) “see, we mock Democrats, too” angle. I fear what any other interpretation suggests.

Note: I know conservatives will run this on a continuous loop the way liberals ran the Bush clip on a loop. Liberals will undoubtedly be offended. Blah, blah, blah. That’s your Truth in Partisanship PSA for this apparently uneventful Monday.