2009: Party like it’s 2008

Photo lovingly “borrowed” from Phillies.com

One year ago today, I wrote these words to mark the opening of Spring Training:

Now begins the process of trying to love this team more than last year’s National League East Division Champions.

Process over. Like learning to love a newborn, it’s instantaneous. World Series or Bust. Go Phillies!

Pitchers and catchers report today. My sentiment is as true this year as it was last year. Except – and this is something I pheared I’d never be able to say – I must modify last year’s sentiment. 2009: World Series Repeat or Bust. Go Phillies!

2 thoughts on “2009: Party like it’s 2008”

  1. Here’s hoping the Mets get their heads out of their ass this year and make 2009 a little less happy for you (and a lot more happy for me)!

  2. Although I must admit to enjoying bouts of laughter when the Mets’ “bullpen” collapsed last year, I love this rivalry.

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