Is this a defensible thought-process?

I want to pass along an e-mail sent to David Wilson of Stop Infant Circumcision Society. There is rough language throughout, but it demonstrates a valuable point. [sic everywhere]:

I’ve seen the nasty ass excuse of a dick you rocket pop weilding bastards have I love my circumsized penis it is the prettiest dick I’ve ever laid my eyes on it doesn’t smell if I miss a shower either you sick fuck why would you want to inflict a circumcision on a full grown man any way have you seen the process fuck you my dick is gorgeous I love my wang and I sure as fuck wouldn’t of made the decision myself as an adult what kind of a fucked up world are you trying to create where an eighteen year old has to decide weather a mental scar like that is worth hygene

I am told that the choice to circumcise only male children for non-medical reasons is a parental right. This is objectively wrong, and this e-mailer is the too-typical anecdotal proof. I will posit that he is not qualified to make medically necessary decisions for a child, so medically unnecessary, permanent decisions should be prohibited. Despite this easy-to-understand truth, he is allowed to circumcise a male child with this thinking because no politician or judge has the courage to reject the status quo and defend the individual rights of all children. Our society is not yet sane on this topic.