Legislating for All Based on the Extremes

Oklahoma lawmakers think eyeball tattoos are a dangerous menace:

Senate Republican Whip Cliff Branan said, “Kind of a counter culture trend, the same folks may chose to pierce certain body parts, it’s kind of the next level up.”

Senate Bill 844 has unanimously passed through the Health and Human Services Committee. Oklahoma City Senator Cliff Branan says it was brought to him by the Oklahoma Academy of Opthamology. He says it’s becoming more trendy to tattoo eye liner or eye brows, but this goes too far.

“It is completely patently disgusting and crazy to do it. We as a good public health policy we felt it was important to stop that trend before it goes any farther here in the state of Oklahoma,” Sen. Branan described.

In 2006 Oklahoma’s infant male circumcision rate was 72%. Parents in Oklahoma may freely surgically alter their child’s son’s healthy genitals for any reason, and a majority do. That’s acceptable in Oklahoma. But an adult willingly choosing to tattoo his (or her) own eyeball is unacceptable because it is “patently disgusting and crazy”.

Our society is not sane.

Via Nobody’s Business.