Public Health Officials Always Know Their Conclusion

Stories like this warrant mentioning because the hypocrisy isn’t going away:

Suriname has launched a three-month pilot project offering free circumcisions in a bid to cut sexually transmitted diseases, Health Minister Celsius Waterberg said Friday.

Some two percent of the Suriname population is HIV-infected, about 10,000 people, and the project aims to carry out the operations on 100 men aged between four and 21 years old over the next three months.

How many four-year-old men do you know? When public health officials discuss the potential reduction in HIV risk from voluntary, adult male circumcision, they always forget voluntary and adult. Always.

If successful then the project will spread nationwide, Waterberg said.

This circumcision program seeks to reduce sexually-transmitted HIV infection because three studies determined that (voluntary, adult) circumcision reduces the risk of female-to-male HIV infection through vaginal intercourse. By what standards do you think the program’s coordinators will use to judge the program successful in reducing HIV transmission among the four-year-olds? When will they reach their conclusion?